I don’t know if I already posted this. But my game crashed so I’ll try to get this back up to speed. So here’s what’a up.. I’ll fill in names when I get them back.. sorry guys there’s just been so much going on..

So the top Malikai…. I wanted to bring his nose down to make him cuter. But oh well.

And right in the middle of Frank Proposing to his new girl… whoooo I forgot her name. Jessica gave birth to just one baby girl named Daphne. I have quads set to 25% and she has the fertility treatment and she still hasn’t been able to get more than one kid. So I’m hoping when Alphred ages up, we’ll move him out with Frank and his family because Frank still really loves his little brother. 

SO uh…. This just happened… They came into the bathroom to watch Jessica and her Baby Daddy have sex… Yes guys… you’re next… please wait your turn.. oh and she just got pregnant from him. sooo We’ll see what he/she looks like. I’m really hoping quads.

SO uh…. This just happened… They came into the bathroom to watch Jessica and her Baby Daddy have sex… Yes guys… you’re next… please wait your turn.. oh and she just got pregnant from him. sooo We’ll see what he/she looks like. I’m really hoping quads.

So I didn’t really play all that much since it was really laggy, but there’s little Mark as a toddler. I’m having a really awful glitch where they get a grim reaper outfit, meaning I have some bad cc and I don’t know what it is and I’m not giong to try to delete it so I’ve come to terms with it. 

I made Frank and his new love, Lauren a basement room that I thought was really adorable, but alas, as you can see, Poor little Frank got rejected for his first kiss and was so depressed.. Hopefully he can get his first kiss the next time I play

Hey guys so I’m also going to be starting a Random Legacy challenge. You guys should give me a name for my founder, names for the kids, yadayadayada. 

So http://randomlegacychallengeapp.weebly.com/ this is the website that I used to get my legacy challenge off of and these are my results.

Marital Status: Single Parent with ‘Help’
You may not marry or move in a romantic partner. Instead move in a friend, sibling, cousin, etc. to help raise the children. The Sim you move in takes the secondary career; it’s like playing the Couple roll, without romance. This ‘helper’ may have children of their own, but, like your sim, they may not marry or move in a partner (until halfway through the youngest child’s teen stage, anyway; for more clarification on that, see Single Parent above). Any children the helper has counts toward the total number of children you rolled, provided that they grow up in your household. So if you roll for one child, only your Sim may have a child in the house, but if you roll two children, your Sim can have 2 and the helper none, or they can have one each, etc. All children in the house must live by that generation’s rules. The helper may move out when the heir comes of age, just like the previous heir, but that is not required.
Number of Children: 2 Children
Your generation is only allowed to have 2 children. Note that exceeding this number by having accidental twins or triplets is fine, but you must not have any more children after that.
Primary Career: Freelance Scientist
Devoted to logic and Science, but not feeling the 9-5 laboratory grind? Spend your time searching the galaxy, solving problems over the computer (requires Genius trait), and hacking (requires Computer Whiz trait) instead. Freelance Scientists may also catch insects and collect meteors/space rocks to sell. (You may not sell gems/metals that you find, only space rocks and insects). Also, if you use a mod that allows you to sell the potions created on the chemistry set (Generations) you may sell those for Freelance Science career as well. New- UL adds a new Science Research station that builds Science skill. Perform experiments and sell the samples you create as a result. At level 9 you may clone those samples and sell them for even more money. Level 6 of the Science skill unlocks the ability to Correlate Scientific Data at the Science building for cash.
Secondary Career: Collecting
Collect objects bugs, seeds, rocks, metals and gems, and sell them to earn money. Transfiguration via the World Adventures display case and smelting/gem cutting is allowed. A collector sim may also sell treasures hunted up by pet dogs (Pets EP), sell gems obtained from breaking space rocks (World Adventures EP), and sell collectible objects obtained with the mining machine (Ambitions EP). If your sim digs through trash cans to obtain collectible items, they may ONLY sell the collectible items; no selling electronics picked out of the neighbor's trash can. If your collector sim is a witch (Supernatural EP), do not sell conjured or transmuted items. With Seasons/patch1.42, your collector Sim may pick and sell wildflowers.
Generational Goal: Deadbeat Parents
Opposite of Perfect Children. Do NOT potty train, teach to walk or teach to talk any toddlers. Do NOT read any toddler books to them. You must not be given the choice to choose any traits, apart from the first two, as they are a bit random and beyond your control. Keep in mind that for children and teenagers, school performance is the factor that determines your ability to choose the next trait. (If you roll this for section E and “Runs in the Family” for section F, re-roll one or the other, since these two rolls conflict.) Children in this generation are allowed to skill freely, without the aid of their parents. Skills do not affect the school performance. Note that field trips will improve your child’s grades, so you are better off skipping them. Avoid doing homework and skip school frequently to keep those grades low.
Miscellaneous Fun: Half-Siblings
No two pregnancies or individual adoptions this generation may be with the same partner. Re-roll if you only need one child. Note that you can have half-siblings at any time in the legacy; this roll only forces you to do so.
Tell me what you think I should do and we’ll see how well I can do!!!

So I played a lot yesterday and had to wake up early today so I wasn’t able to upload when I remembered what I was taking pictures of. so the very top is…. uhm…. shit what’s her name.. uhm… I don’t remember.. but she’s not our kid. She’s gorgeous. I love her. Moving on xD

The next is little Isabella. I think she aged VERY well!! 

Speaking of Aging. Our little baby Ismira died I was so sad when she did. She was our first baby!!

Next is Bailey. Which I’m getting really sick of boys and sick of red hair. The baby she just had before I quit was Mark. you’ll probably see him tonight when I play since I don’t have work tomorrow. JUST GIVE ME A GIRL ALREADY!!!

The next little boy is Malikai. He did grow into his nose and I think he’s quite adorable now!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS The next and last one is Frank and LET ME JUST SAY UUNNFFFFFF. I know it’s weird to say that about a sim but he is so fucking hot!!! He IS on the exchange if you want to download him into your game. You will not regret it. He is smoking hot. omg! he has the European skin. Don’t know where you can get it. Just look up European skin for the sims 3. you should find it.

The next 2 are the adorable twins Alphred and Dayna. Dayna looks like a Dawson. She has the Dawson nose. While Alphred looks like his father, Berjes Cloutier.

And the middle little boy is Bailey as a child. I think he’s aging very well and I hope that he ends up as hot as Frank.

So anyway you guys. I’m going to keep Frank until Maya or someone ages up into an adult and then he’s going to move out with Alphred and Dayna and Lilith or whoever I decide to let go because you have to keep them until they’re young adults.

Oh and Frank is getting engaged and I’m going to build a basement for him and his love to grow their family until Alphred is ready to leave with them. So anyway guys. Until tonight. LOVE YOU!!!