Hey guys!

so I’m still in the process of moving over to the better computer, but in the meantime the top is little Amy Ellis, our new founder! I hope she’s more adorable than she is already!

The next picture is Mark I beieve. I’m so fucking terrible at this… I really should get my shit straight for you guys. I’m so sorry..

But yeah. So that’s all I was about to play in 2 hours. Nothing has been really happening… just trying to get them aged up and out of the mother fucking house and get to a new town and next generation started!!!

So I’ve been playing around with seasons while I wait to get all my mods and cc in and get my game to update all the way. So I hope I can get my 100 baby challenge on the new computer but if not then I guess I’ll have to deal with the lag. I’m begging! Can you can tell me how to get my 100 baby challenge onto the new computer?!

I just bought seasons oh my fuck! and I’ll be able to play it on my nephews computer so it won’t be laggy and I’ll be able to try to get all my custom content. I’ll try to take videos of it and if you guys could tell me how to play it from what I’ve been playin on my laptop that would make me so fucking happy!!!

Hey guys. Sorry if it’s been so motherfucking long.but I’ve been so busy working the night shift at Walmart and I haven’t been able to find Supernatural so I’m going to buy Seasons and hopefully get it on my nephews computer so that it’ll run better with everything that I put in it. so thanks for waiting so patiently. I promise you’ll be able to see Amy getting preggers really soon!!!