So I played a lot yesterday and had to wake up early today so I wasn’t able to upload when I remembered what I was taking pictures of. so the very top is…. uhm…. shit what’s her name.. uhm… I don’t remember.. but she’s not our kid. She’s gorgeous. I love her. Moving on xD

The next is little Isabella. I think she aged VERY well!! 

Speaking of Aging. Our little baby Ismira died I was so sad when she did. She was our first baby!!

Next is Bailey. Which I’m getting really sick of boys and sick of red hair. The baby she just had before I quit was Mark. you’ll probably see him tonight when I play since I don’t have work tomorrow. JUST GIVE ME A GIRL ALREADY!!!

The next little boy is Malikai. He did grow into his nose and I think he’s quite adorable now!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS The next and last one is Frank and LET ME JUST SAY UUNNFFFFFF. I know it’s weird to say that about a sim but he is so fucking hot!!! He IS on the exchange if you want to download him into your game. You will not regret it. He is smoking hot. omg! he has the European skin. Don’t know where you can get it. Just look up European skin for the sims 3. you should find it.

The next 2 are the adorable twins Alphred and Dayna. Dayna looks like a Dawson. She has the Dawson nose. While Alphred looks like his father, Berjes Cloutier.

And the middle little boy is Bailey as a child. I think he’s aging very well and I hope that he ends up as hot as Frank.

So anyway you guys. I’m going to keep Frank until Maya or someone ages up into an adult and then he’s going to move out with Alphred and Dayna and Lilith or whoever I decide to let go because you have to keep them until they’re young adults.

Oh and Frank is getting engaged and I’m going to build a basement for him and his love to grow their family until Alphred is ready to leave with them. So anyway guys. Until tonight. LOVE YOU!!!

Alright guys, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting at all.. I’ve been working and I jut got my car and I haven’t been able to get my game working so I’m trying my best to do what I can. I hope you guys are patient with me. I love you all!